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Charging, Fees, and Refund Policy

Are there any hidden or fine print fees?

No, you only pay what is listed as well as a yearly or monthly fee depending on which products you purchase. All of the websites and apps have a yearly and/or monthly renewal fee, but this fee will only be effective if you decide to continue use of the website beyond one year or one month, respectively, of its activation. The SEO packages have a monthly fee, but the first month is waived. If you decide to get a premium e-mailing system for your business, that will also come with an extra price, which can be seen on the e-mail package page. There are no taxes on our products. As stated in our terms and conditions, we NEVER EVER make unauthorized charges using one's credit card information.



Speaking of credit cards, when do you begin to charge my card?

    The process goes like this: The first order form you fill out will have on it your name, contact information, and what you want to purchase. I will then contact you and we will discuss your vision for your product and clarify what exactly you are buying. I will then send an invoice detailing the products you are purchasing, the prices they run for, as well as what exactly you want from your product. Your job will be to review the products and details to make sure they are correct and then you will be directed to provide your credit card information as well as to sign an agreement stating that you have reviewed the invoice to make sure everything is correct.

    The purpose of this procedure is to make sure that you have read through everything and i have the correct items you want to purchase as well as the correct prices. I want to be clear about what you are purchasing before i take any credit card information so we can gain each other's trust. The credit card will be charged the deposit only after you've signed the agreement stating every product and charge is correct. As stated before, we do NOT make unauthorized charges on one's credit card.



Why do you ask for a deposit as opposed to the full price up front?

Once we start work, we want to make sure that the customer does not back out, especially when we have put so much work into building the product. We do not feel that is fair to those who have worked hard on these products.



What is your policy on refunds in case I do not get the results i am looking for?

The terms and conditions go into more detail about this. In general, the deposit fee is non-refundable unless it is reasonably clear that the lack of results is the result of an egregious error committed on the part of ProJustice as far as developing the site or inputting the search words. Since we allow the customer complete control to decide what content goes on the site as well as how the website is designed, the customer is usually held responsible for how much business he or she can bring in. We will certainly work hard to correct the error and make sure that it is fixed. As a compensation for your trouble, we can work out giving you one of our products for free or perhaps giving you a month or two of your SEO package for free depending on the nature of the error.

We will do our part to ensure that your site is designed in a way that makes it look professional as well as input search terms that will make your site increase in ranking in search engines. Our job is to make sure your website and/or apps are well designed and to make sure your website is being marketed out through as many channels as your SEO package will allow. The SEO is intended as a supplement, NOT A SUBSTITUTE, for your marketing efforts. You have to be active as well as in the marketing and advertising process.

Since we do not like unhappy customers, we will work with you to improve your site and/or SEO service to make sure it is visible to your prospective customers. This may include throwing in some of our other products for free or our spending time with you personally to discuss what needs to be done to improve your site. If after working with you extensively, you are still not satisfied, then we will refund the money. But we want to work with you first and try and make things better before we resort to giving you a refund. We'd like the opportunity to correc the error and show you what we can do when faced with adversity.