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General questions

Why is there no address listed on the "Contact Us" section?

Since ProJustice sells websites and other online products, but no tangible products, it is an online-based business. Rest assured though, this business is registered in the state of Maryland as all the necessary paperwork has been filed. Thus, ProJustice is a legitimate company which sells legitimate products. Since the address used to register the business is my home address, i don't feel that it is wise to give this information out for privacy and security reasons.

Who is the "we" you keep referring to in your pages?

The "we" is my team of website designers, seo engineers, and mobile app developers. They are a group of independent contractors who work for a company known as Activ Net Inc. which was originally based in the U.K. They have several years of experience in their fields and can do the job effectively. I have every reason to trust their ability to produce a quality product and service for years to come.

Why do the websites in the portfolio have Activ Net listed as the website developer?

As stated before, my team is a group of independent contractors who work for a company called Activ Net Inc. As my team develops websites for my company, the developer will be listed as ProJustice.