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SEO services

Why do you offer the first month of any SEO package for free?

Good SEO takes time to work. There are many scam SEO services that promise high results in a short period of time. We certainly promise satisfactory results, but not in a short period of time. The first month is probably the hardest in getting the SEO off the ground because our SEO engineers have to research the right set of search terms for your business as well as research where to get the most effective links for your site. This is a process that takes at least a month. Therefore, it is not smart business to charge for the first month since we want our customers to have a satisfactory result.


What can you and can't you guarentee about your SEO products?

We can NEVER guarentee that your website will make it on to the first page of any search. There are many factors outside our control such as what may be trending at the time as well as whether others may want to use the same search term for their business. What we do guarentee is that 1) we will work hard to make sure that your website sees an increase in rankings each month and 2) we will keep you posted via a written and detailed chart indicating your website's performance on the various SEO channels. Understand that an increase in rankings becomes harder as your website climbs higher and higher into the rankings.



What is this special guarentee that you mention for your SEO services?

You will have to contact me personally in order to obtain that information. My contact information is located in the contact us section.