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Website design

How long does it take for my website or app to be developed and ready to be launched?

It can vary depending on how many pages and how much work is required in order to build the website or app. The approximate period of time is one week for websites but that can vary based on how many pages and how much detail you would like for us to put on the site. Apps can take up to a month because they require approval from Google Play or Apple. 



Will I have a chance to see my website and ask that any corrections be made to it before it goes live?

Yes!! In accordance with our customer first policy, we will give you an opportunity to take a look at the site and give your feedback as to any corrections that need to be made to it. We ask that you be very constructive, detailed, and timely in your analysis of the site and tell us exactly what corrections you need so that we can perform the corrections in a timely fashion and so that we do not feel you are stalling or trying to avoid paying for the product. Under the terms and conditions, any unreasonable delay in your input material that causes us to take a long time in developing the site gives us the right to charge you full price for the product. Thus, we ask that you tell us what corrections you need and that you do so in a timely fashion. We would like to note that we will take your payment within 28 days AFTER you've signed the invoice, so make sure to explain what corrections we should make in detail if necessary.



What happens if I want to make revisions or adjustments my current business website?

If you want to make minor changes such as changing some of the content on your current website or adding a picture or new page, we can do that for free. Anything that would take 15 minutes or less, we can do for free. You can simply e-mail me with those changes. Major changes such as a new color design for the whole site or changing nearly the entire content of the website will require you to fill out the order form explaining what the changes are and that will come with a fee which we can discuss and negotiate.