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Mobile Apps


Top 8 reasons to get a mobile app for your small business:


1) Your Customers Will Be Able To See Your Business On Your Phone At All Times

2) Your Customers Will Be Able To Get In Contact With You At All Times

3) You Can Use It As a Marketing Tool Towards Your Customers

4) If You Have A Loyalty Program or Points Program, A Mobile App Is An Easier Way To Incorporate These Programs

5) You Can Build Your Brand And Improve Its Recognition

6) Customers Can Become More Engaged In The Purchase Process (Examples Include Using The App To Book A Table At a Restaurant Or Order Something)

7) You Can Stand Out From The Competition As Many Small Businesses Do Not Have A Mobile App For Their Business

8) It Will Improve Your Customer Loyalty Especially Because You've Made Them More Engaged In the Process And Because The Ordering Process Has Become So Much Easier

If you have some time, read through this article concerning the top ten mistakes that mobile app designers make. Credit goes to Toptal and their blog writers.



Individual Apps

Android Compatible App: $2500 with $200 monthly fee

iPhone Compatible App: $2500 with $200 monthly fee

iPad Compatible App: $2500 with $200 monthly fee


Combo Apps


Android App with iPhone App (or any combination of two devices): $4000 with $300 monthly fee

Android App, iPhone App, & iPad App: $6000 with $400 monthly fee