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Our Four Step Process


"We're all working together, that's the secret"

-Sam Walton, entrepreneur



    Finding a website designer, seo package, and/or mobile app for your small business is an expensive process that involves time and research. We realize that this is a big decision for your business and that this is a big investment for the long-term success of your business. Thus, we use a four step process in our consultation with you in order to make this process go smoothly:



1) We Listen


The biggest problem with salespeople is that they talk a lot, often not giving the customer a chance to speak and ask questions about the product. I believe that  active listening to your prospective customers is often key to success. That's what we do. When we have a consultation, we let you, the customer, do the talking. We want to hear about

1) your business

2) what your values are

3) what your expectations and goals are for your business, as well

4) any information about you that you want to share.

Our goal is not to make a sale, but to understand our customers better so we can learn about them and assist them better.


2) We Learn


Being an active listener means that we take the time to learn about you, your values, and what your business stands for. It's never enough just to listen and take notes. It is important to know your customer and know what they want. Learning also helps us in terms of what products and services we can recommend for your business as well as any tips or advice that we can share for success in your business.


3) We Assist


After we finish listening and learning about your business, goals, and expectations, we take the time to recommend the products we believe are best suited for your business. We're not going to recommend a higher level of SEO if we feel that your expectations and goals do not justify the increased cost. We also will not recommend a mobile app for your business if we don't feel that your business needs one or that the cost is not justified based on your expectations. It's our job to cater our recommendations to your expectations.


4) We Give You What You Want


This is a serious investment that will require you to pay serious money. Thus, we realize that the customer must be given complete freedom to make the decision whether to purchase from us or not. We are not concerned with making a sale, but we are concerned that if you choose to make the sale from us that you have a satisfactory experience with our products. Even after you purchase from us, our obligations do not end there. We make sure to follow up with you every month to make sure things are working out all right. We also offer special guarentees that you can read more about on this site or contact me to learn more about.