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E-mail address packages

With each website purchase, there is a standard e-mail address package which is included, and a premium e-mail address package which you can upgrade to.


Standard e-mail address package

        Here is what you recieve for free with your website purchase:

-Five e-mail accounts (any extra can be requested but will be charged at $10 per account)

-Each account coming with 100MB of web space (any extra can be requested but will be charged at $20 per 100mb) 

Premium e-mail address package


         You would be placed on what we call the Enterprise e-mail program. This program is powered by Google Apps and allows for up to 10 e-mail accounts (any extra subject to a fee to be discussed) with much more web space than the standard e-mail address package. You can access your e-mail accounts whenever and wherever you wish on any device that you wish.

Here are a list of benefits for upgrading from standard to enterprise:

-Increased storage-15GB of storeage across your Google apps.

-Around the clock business support from Google

-Delegated e-mail: this allows others to manage your email

-Better security and reliability with featuring such as spam filtering, built-in disaster recovery, and simultaneous replicated storage for your email.


This package comes at a one time $100 fee with a $5 monthly fee. If you would like any of your current business e-mails to be migrated to Enterprise, it will come at a price of $15 per account.