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SEO packages

Before you continue reading, we have researched and noted the various SEO scams and addressed each one in the below document. Please take some time to read over this and feel free to contact me about any questions you may have about our SEO products.

Popular SEO Scams And Our Response In Quotes


A few important notes (and as always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to discuss the various packages):

1) We can never guarantee a top page ranking or #1 ranking, but we can guarentee we will work very hard to ensure that your page gets as high of a rank as is possible.

2) With the exception of the starter package which requires only a 3 month commitment, the SEO packages require a year commitment.

3) The SEO process takes at least a month before you will see results, thus, we will give you the first month of any SEO package for free.)

4) Our SEO products come with a special guarentee. Contact me to learn more.



Bronze SEO Package ($750 per month): Our basic package for the budget conscious business entrepreneur or for someone who wants to try out the most basic of our SEO packages to see how it works.

But, if you purchase one of our responsive websites, either a comprehensive brochure or an e-commerce shop, you can get this package for only $500 per month.


Silver SEO Package: This is our standard package. This package is ideal for an online only business or a brick-and-mortar business that wants to extend its geographical reach beyond the local area: $1500 per month

But, if you purchase one of our responsive websites, you can get this package for only $1000 per month.




Gold: $2250 per month: This is the ultimate package for the business owner who wants maximum results.

But, if you purchase one of our responsive websites, you can get this package for only $1750 per month




Starter SEO program: A 3 month program at $1500 per month ($1000 per month with a responsive web site). The perfect program for someone who wants to test out our SEO program to make sure it is effective. It comes with a special: if your website does not achieve a higher search rankings at the conclusion of the 3 month period, we will give you the next three months for free.

Website Audit: We look at your site from the outside as well as the inside (looking at meta keywords and codes that were embedded into your site's search capability). After conducting a thorough evaluation of your site, we will give you detailed advice about the positives and negatives of your website as well as how to address the negatives in order to achieve the best result. $500 one time fee.

Social Media Management: You've heard of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and several other social media websites? Then you probably know the popularity and frequent use of these websites by businesses in order to promote their products. With this package, we will do everything we can to promote your business on all the major social media networks such as adding new contacts, updating information concerning your business, and putting the word out as best we can. All we ask from you is that you keep us updated as to what is happening with your business so we can add that information into the networks such as any upcoming events, promotions, news, etc. $500 per month