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Here, at ProJustice, we sell and design high quality websites that you can be proud of and that will yield real results for your business. Remember: We give you complete discretion in how to design your products as far as design and content.


Note: a responsive web design is defined as a website that is optimized to fit any size screen or device (including mobile phones) in such a way that there is minimum resizing, scrolling, or panning of the site. As mentioned earlier, Google stated that as of April 21st, mobile-friendly sites will recieve higher rankings in search engines accessed from mobile phones. While it is not required to purchase a responsive web design, it is highly recommended as it will help your business be more accessible to mobile phone users.



Here are some of our website options and the prices they run for:

Three Page Website: $400 with a $100 yearly renewal fee

Comprehensive Brochure Website (for those businesses that need a little more)-For any website that requires more than three pages: $800 with a $100 yearly renewal fee.

Responsive Comprehensive Brochure Website: Formulated so that the entire page can fit any size screen on any device: $1300 with a $100 yearly renewal fee.


E-commerce websites: For online stores: $1300 with a $100 yearly renewal fee. 

Responsive E-commerce websites: $1800 with a $100 yearly renewal fee.